From the land of nod

Music news:
In theory Bridge Street is about to start rehearsals for, hopefully, some gigs before the end of the year. Soul Beaver has a solitary gig in December but anything could happen before then. We'll see.
The Eclipse project with Russ Kilmister is moving along at a fair pace and rehearsals are now producing new and tighter arrangements, along with a few surprising covers. A Ustream performance looks even more likely in the next few weeks.
Collaborations with Johnny Love and Will Willard have moved up a gear although we've agreed to fix a deadline in case this project goes on for too long without resolution. Or we might just keep having fun without any pressure - we'll see.
The possibility of a live Spingere show (just me with Warr Guitar and electronics) might also get a dry run on Ustream. The technology's in place now, I just need to make sure the confidence is too.

In other news, my daughter has just started sleeping in a bed, after two years of being in a cot. It's all very exciting.


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