Twice in the last few days I have nodded off on the sofa, only to have Freya running to say "daddy, daddy, wake up!" Both times I have eschewed analysing why I'm so tired in favour of making an espresso.

Coffee featured strongly at a barbecue at the house of friends this week. My drummer pal, Richard, has bought a Gaggia machine that does everything short of knowing when you want the coffee. It's a beautiful machine. Well designed, straightforward to use and, best of all, it makes great coffee.

While at the barbecue some upcoming musical doings were discussed and the latest internet trends argued for and against. I took a moment to see how we'd changed though. Children were running around, mortgages were being paid, body shapes had changed. But, I thought, so long as most of us have a reason to set up our instruments and play, we'll all be happy. Then I had another coffee.


Johnny said…
I have one or two of those wonderful "stove top" espresson machines; love, love coffee and espresso!

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