All quiet...

It’s all quiet now as the due date has come and gone. The house is free of extraneous cats and everything is ready to go. Except the baby, which has taken up squatter’s rights.

Meanwhile, I’m staying away from music practise sessions so I can be on-call but making up for this by putting in some extra house playing the bass and Warr Guitar. This has led to the almost inevitable fiddling about with equipment, making of lists of things to do and having bright ideas about modifying instruments.

The voice/music project I’ve been working on has stepped up a gear too. A new batch of voice recordings is beginning to arrive and the music for these is now mostly written. I’m leaving big gaps in the score because some of the voices will suggest news ideas and instrumentation. So far, amazingly, only two people have said no to my odd request for a recording of their voice. Both of these people have found other ways of supporting the project. I’m very excited about where this is going.


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