Musical Progress

Look at this. Two interesting musical projects are finally off the ground. The new Spingere album is in ‘go’ mode although I’m making it harder for myself this time by writing everything in advance and having more people play on it. When I was planning ‘Perfetc’ I’d wanted it to be more upbeat but didn’t quite get there. This time there are many more positive sounding chords and harmonies at work. As well as this, I’ve found a specific source of inspiration from certain other musicians who I wasn’t even aware of during the making of ‘Perfetc’. We’ll see.

The trio I’ve been playing in for the last few years (not to be confused with the excellent
Bridge Street
– more of a power trio) has begun to record its first album. The bed tracks are going down first in a project studio. Over the year’s we’ve accumulated some rather tasty recording gear but we’re still booking in to a grander place to record vocals and the very minimal overdubs needed.

I’ve been focussing almost entirely on my five string fretless bass but keep getting tempted by the Warr Guitar and an ever growing selection of harmonicas. After a recent trip to London I bought a thumb piano to add to the collection of instruments that fills our house.

My daughter has been showing signs of wanting to start her own band. Recent comments include:

“Shhh, daddy. I’m working on a new rhythm.”
“Would you play some bass guitar in my band?”
“My songs have all got fast and slow bits in.”

Her best friend is the daughter of my very good pal Richard Guitarist, who is a truly gifted musician. Even though neither girl has reached four yet, the idea of them forming a band is starting to look more likely. Freya gets to hear a wide range of music in the house and in the car but, so far, the only bands she’s seen on television are Peter Gabriel’s touring band, King Crimson (post 2000 versions) and the Zingzillas. I’m just standing back and watching what happens.

At the moment I’m just proud to have a daughter who knows who Tony Levin is.


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