The Nifty Fifty and the Celestial Spirits in Bondage

I've recently taken charge of a 50mm prime lens for my camera. If that makes no sense, imagine a camera lens that can't be used to zoom in and out with (unless you physically move backwards or forwards) and that sees roughly what the human eye sees. It's limiting, it freaks out almost everyone who has had a go on it ("it doesn't zoom!") and I love it. Some call it the nifty fifty and I intend to shoot the rest of my 365 challenge on it. That's eleven more months of a picture a day. Hopefully, you'll like some of the results.

The idea of getting better results by restricting yourself has moved into my musical life too. I'm planning an EP for the RPM Challenge with a few tactical restrictions of its own. Hope you like that too. We'll see.


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