... is eggs(?)

21st February 2012 by WJCruttenden
21st February 2012, a photo by WJCruttenden on Flickr.

If you judged the time of year by the contents of shops then we’re currently experiencing Easter. In my family we celebrate the egg by making pancakes on a fairly regular basis and if we’re judging the time of year by the scribbles on our calendar it’s just a few days past Shrove Tuesday. The tradition is to eat pancakes (not really a tradition as much as a happy coincidence with us) and then for me to recite ‘Pancake Man’ by poet and wearer of glasses, John Hegley. I can’t reproduce the poem here without breaking copyright law but I urge you to track a copy down.

Having started the month with a head full of music I’m pleased to report that ways have appeared get the mass of melodies, harmonies and rhythms out and safely re-homed. My great pal, Russ, is returned from an incredible journey across Australia on a motorbike. This means our guitar, bass, piano trio can finish its album and start gigging. A chance to play bass in a new project has arisen and I’ll be doing that whenever I can. Meanwhile, the excellent John Marcell’s contribution to my RPM Challenge album has produced the possibility of another trans-Atlantic collaboration. I’ve only got five days to make sense (fix, mix and master) of the RPM album through, so the Texan/Oxfordshire axis will have to wait till March.

Meanwhile, the household has been working through the joys of D&V. This was why I was still up, sitting outside my daughter’s room, reading about poetry at two o’clock in the morning recently. If I didn’t need the sleep I’d recommend this as a great time to read.

Exciting times ahead.


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