Yet more RPM news.

Last night I finished recording the parts for my RPM Challenge album. It's grown from 35 minutes of music to 42, but then shrank down again today when I changed a tempo or two and edited a longer track to a more reasonable length.

This has been a fun undertaking, mostly because it's being made for no other reason than I want to do it. My previous RPM album was a one man operation. This time I've enlisted help from my daughter (keyboards and vocals) and the amazing John Marcell (guitar). Adding John's parts to a drum and bass backing was thrilling. The resulting tune s my favourite and makes me wish, once again, that there was a handy teleport between Oxfordshire and San Antonio.

There's still mixing and mastering to be finished and the results will be free to download at the RPM site and Bandcamp at the end of the month. Hope you like it.


John Marcell said…
Not sure about amazing, but it sure was fun (and an honor)! Again, thank you!

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