More momentum

21st March 2012 by WJCruttenden
21st March 2012, a photo by WJCruttenden on Flickr.

I was writing recently about how the momentum was returned to one of the bands I play in. We had renewed ourselves by decided to, quickly, record an album of previously unplayed songs.
So, last night I went to the songwriter/singer/guitarist’s house for a preliminary slice of pizza before we both drove to the piano player’s house. Our keyboard pal got delayed by his dayjob work though leaving us with a pile of instruments and my sixteen track recording machine. After a few more slices of pizza and some coffee we began to experiment with ways of recording the guitar parts and within a relatively short time we had the album’s first track recorded. Thanks to the joys of modern technology we can take the recorder to the piano player’s home studio at a later date and record his parts.
What made last night interesting for me was that I found myself becoming a producer. That’s to say I was suggesting and directing the recording of the vocals; picking out certain syllables that need re-phrasing or pitching differently. Not being a natural bossy boots I was surprised how much I enjoyed this role.
For those of you who follow the band (The Eclipse Trio) on Facebook or in the so called real world, you’ll be glad to know the new album should, at this rate, be finished by the summer.


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