What a great weekend. On Saturday I met up with a friend from Germany who I met eleven years ago at the best concert of my life. It was a chance to catch up but we actually spent nearly all our time talking about the present and the future.

Today I was at a playground with my children. My daughter was playing with an Italian girl and I started chatting to her parents. As the conversation progressed it dawned on me how much Italian culture I loved. We talked about films, music and art but we also noted the good things about being able to mix a love of things Italian and things British.

Earlier in the day Freya and I had visited Barefoot Books' Shop in Oxford. It is the least 'shop' like shop I have been in since the heady days of Borders. The daughter and I found ourselves enjoying cake and drinks at a table while she drew pictures and I perused books. It was an inspiring place.


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