Eclipse Trio 2012

Eclipse Trio 2012 by WJCruttenden
Eclipse Trio 2012, a photo by WJCruttenden on Flickr.

Last Thursday’s gig went well. The set list took us from 19th Century songs to original compositions written earlier this year. I do like a good dose of eclecticism but in concerts you have to make sure these disparate parts don’t ruin the whole. To my great delight the last minute changes to the set (dropping one song and re-ordering a few more) produced a flow that took us from quiet and tentative to (literally) table thumping and singing along.
We’re going to work at getting the trio out in front of an audience more often, so we can knock the remaining corners off the set. The situation with my dad changes by the day though, so making any sort of plan is hard.
A drum free trio with a three century spanning set is a refreshing challenge to work with. Next year I’m going to take part in something more radical.


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