The Nifty Fifty and the Celestial Spirits in Bondage

I've recently taken charge of a 50mm prime lens for my camera. If that makes no sense, imagine a camera lens that can't be used to zoom in and out with (unless you physically move backwards or forwards) and that sees roughly what the human eye sees. It's limiting, it freaks out almost everyone who has had a go on it ("it doesn't zoom!") and I love it. Some call it the nifty fifty and I intend to shoot the rest of my 365 challenge on it. That's eleven more months of a picture a day. Hopefully, you'll like some of the results.

The idea of getting better results by restricting yourself has moved into my musical life too. I'm planning an EP for the RPM Challenge with a few tactical restrictions of its own. Hope you like that too. We'll see.



Crossroads by WJCruttenden
Crossroads, a photo by WJCruttenden on Flickr.

Yesterday I traveled to Nuneaton for dayjob purposes. I got to stay in a hotel that was really a motel that was actually the original Crossroads Motel (this won't sense if you live outside the UK or are less than thirty years old).
When I arrived the receptionist chose to take two calls before she acknowledged my existence, the breakfast room staff kept everyone outside in the cold because "the chef isn't ready yet" and when I mentioned that my TV remote was not working they brought me a new one, but put my mine in the room next door so when my colleague arrived, he couldn't use his TV. Little things but enough to make you despair
On the bright side, I had a few spare hours to myself which gave me time to stretch my poetry muscles and try out some pantoums and triolets. These are new forms to me and I'm loving the chance to try them out. One thing I'm working on is a snappy definition of a pantoum. That's for another post.


Can you give him back his edge?

I tried a dry run for the RPM Challenge last night. Solo Warr Guitar with no effects. I was pleasantly surprised it didn't dissolve into a depressing mess. At least it didn't until I got it into my head to try and play King Crimson's 'ProzaKc Blues'. Might have to rethink that.


365 - again

It seems 2012 is turning into Return of The Year of The Challenge. The first evidence of this is to be found here. I'm attempting to take a photograph a day for a year. This time with just the one camera, at 50mm and without taking hundreds of last minute pictures in my living room.


My First Chess Set

My First Chess Set by WJCruttenden
My First Chess Set, a photo by WJCruttenden on Flickr.
I found this, my first ever chess set, at my parent's house recently. It's a cheap, cardboard travel set, missing a red rook and more valuable to me than I can explain. But now, how do I get a new rook to replace the missing one?


It's the night before I go back to the dayjob and I'm sitting here surrounded by some rather meaningful objects. Camera, iPod, books and (less we get to philosophical) a big glass of wine.

I'm also reminded of the one thing that seems to define my experience of being an older dad of young children - indigestion.