Snow, again

It’s been harder than I thought to get the main musical projects off the ground. I had been working hard to sort out the repercussion of losing my dad; which meant helping my mum with her finances and making sure all the loose ends were tied up. I still have a few items on the tick list but most of the difficult things are settled.

Then we had trouble with the neighbours, which seems to have been settled without recourse to heavy weaponry of lawyers.

And then the snow came down.

I live in a country where snow is a regular visitor but whose arrival always surprises everyone. No one has snow tyres, there are no grit/salt bins at the roadside (at least not where I live) and it only takes a few inches of the white stuff to close schools and shut roads. It doesn’t help that many motorists seem to see snow and ice as a signal to drive faster.

So, all plans to meet up, write songs and finish albums have been pushed back. Again. Grrr.

Maybe next week.


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