Tory, Tory Night

Just before Christmas I had a dream where I was trying to sort out tickets to a free event in London. Things were not going well and the person on the end of the helpline I had called was Norman Tebbit. In the dream he was most helpful and I woke with a sense of surprise.

On Christmas Eve I was dreaming again and in my slumber MichaelPortillo had arrived to deliver some books. This time when I woke up and began wondering what I must have been eating that created helpful dream-state version of ex Tory ministers. There have been no further sightings but one of my Christmas presents from my thoughtful mother-in-law was a copy of the original Bradshaw’s Guide. This wonderful book aimed to show the British Isles off to the then new breed of railway passenger/tourists. There was a television series based around the guide, fronted by Michael Portillo. Maybe it was the blue cheese.


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