Last parts

Last night I recorded my vocals on a track from the upcoming Eclipse Trio album. The song was originally sung my Russ, the guitarist and songwriter, but he wasn't happy with his performance. Luckily, my vocal range fitted the song and so (after one take was ruined by a mobile phone going off) I put my part down. Then, on Russ's bidding, I put a harmony part on and we completed the recording with a few well placed words from Russ.

When I say 'we completed the recording' I really mean it. Those vocal  parts were the very last things to go on the album (assuming we don't discover something hideous during the listening party).

Mixing is underway and we'll soon be listening back, making notes and sorting out any final tweaks. Then it's off to be mastered and pressed. Do you press CDs? Probably not.

There will be a release show, almost certainly in a really good pub. I will post details.

This album has had an interesting life and I can't wait to hear the final version.


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