Eclipse Trio – Stages

The Eclipse Trio, which regular readers will know I play the fretless bass for, are almost at the end of a journey.  Having met up for a four day recording session earlier in the year we have spent the intervening time adding minimal overdubs, doing rough mixes, listening, mixing again , listening again, having the album mixed properly by someone who knows what he’s doing (thank you Alex Bilney) and more recently, having it mastered by someone else who knows what he’s doing (hats off to Lee Fletcher). All this alongside work on another album and the preparation of artwork, audio commentary and liner notes.

So, we are now a day or two away from having the final version of the mastered album in our hands so all the parts can be assembled. The CD needs to be duplicated, covers printed, downloads uploaded and, somehow, a marketing plan devised. My ideas for marketing involve something pretty simple. Gigs, and plenty of them.  We’ll see what happens.

More news on the album shortly.


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