Sovereign Housing and the ongoing nightmare

Tonight I came home at 6:30pm and could hear the neighbours music pumping away from the street outside. I'm writing this at half past ten in the evening and have just had to listen to their music reverberating through our house in short, very loud bursts. This is not happy party music. It is them targeting us and acting with impunity.

Since this has been going on for over a year, and the formal paperwork started flying around from last May you might think Sovereign Housing (who are effectively the neighbour's landlords) might have detected a sense of urgency. Our family has been battered by noise, swearing, smoke and intimidation. These people are clever enough to know how to keep this out of the hands of the police. Tonight's up and down music does the job of putting us on edge and robbing us of sleep (including my young children). The snide comments and looks are enough to make us feel on edge and vulnerable but impossible to capture in a way that would help us in court.

But, the neighbours are supposed to abide by the rules of their contract and they are not. Sovereign Housing has allowed them to continue in their behaviour without sanction. Sovereign ask us to write it all down but this gets us nowhere.

Someone in that organisation needs to grow a heart and think about the hell we are going through. Someone needs to start caring.


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