Rediscovering 1

I recently read Anil Prassad’s excellent piece on the Kronos Quartet, available on his Innerviews site. I’ve been a fan of Kronos since the 1980s and have loved many of their recordings for the depth, attention to detail and the sonic, emotional punch they deliver. I love Anil’s writings anyway but getting an extended piece on Kronos was a real gift.

But, while reading, in dawned on me that I hadn’t listened to Kronos in a few years. The problem with having a large record collection and an insatiable appetite for new music is that this sort of thing happens quite often. Music I am passionate about just doesn’t get heard for long periods.
I went back to Kronos with relatively fresh ears, and the knowledge gleaned from the article and… boom! It was as if I’d discovered them all over again.


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