Band Names 2.0 - a badly thought out theory

The Band with No Name Yet has chosen a name. One of us (not me) was reading a collection of short stories and suggested a title as a potential solution to our naming problem. I loved it and, much to my delight, so did the others.

Never one to let a chance to completely overthink something go by, I came up with a theory. We were having trouble with the name because of three reasons.

  1. We didn’t want something meaningless.
  2. Most suggestions sounded like band names from an earlier era.
  3. All the other suggestions were rubbish

What seems to have happened (according to my scientifically researched thesis) is that we have passed the time of Original band Names (1950s to, oh, a few years ago) and are now in the time of Band Names 2.0. Our new band name is from the latter camp and so will get a bit of resistance from those who are, basically, living in the past. There. I’ve explained something badly and alienated almost everyone at the same time.

We’re going back to the studio in a couple of weeks to finish of our first four songs and then, once they are mixed you’ll find the new name when we put the music up on Bandcamp.

I hope it’s worth the wait.


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