50 at 50 - at last

Since I turned 50 in March I have been trying to complete a list of fifty new things I could do this year. Finally, after a lot of procrastination, I have a workable list. These are a mix of things I really want to do, things other people would like me to do and things I'm going to do just to get further out from that pesky comfort zone. Quite a few ideas came from my fabulous daughter, Freya, who would not let me swap No. 25 for 'learning to make things from loom bands.' Thank you Freya.
1. Spend a day with J
2. Spend a day with Jude
3. Spend a day with Freya
4. Watch all six Star Wars Film in a day
5. Play an entire gig with the upright bass
6. Write some cheerful music
7. Finish reading Dante's Divine Comedy
8. Finish reading Milton's Paradise Lost
9. Release a book of poems
10. Learn a formal dance
11. Learn more of another language
12. Take some street photography
13. Try snowboarding
14. Sort out my awful posture
15. Make a short film
16. Play tag somewhere unusual
17. Learn to use a sewing machine
18. Improve my music reading skills
19. Learn to cook some new dishes.
20. Climb a tree.
21. Fix my dodgy tooth
22. Go drunken knitting
23. Apply for the LRPS (distinction with the Royal Photographic Society).
24. Read a self help book all the way through.
25. Go on a rollercoaster.
26. Try Archery.
27. Visit friends more.
28. Extract my own DNA.
29. Meet a tardigrade.
30. Eat more fruit.
31. Don't get a vasectomy.
32. E publish my two finished novels on Kindle.
33. Go to a new Oxford venue.
34. Send some poems to Poetry Magazine and The New Yorker.
35. Learn to recite a favourite poem.
36. Start a magazine (probably on Flipbook)
37. Start a picture of the week on Tumblr
38. Sing O Solitude all the way through in Andreas Scholl's key.
39. Be a forensic scientist for an hour (with Freya).
40. Have a pillow fight.
41. Finish preparing my poetry course.
42. Make an album with [The band with no name whose name is soon to be revealed].
43. Make another album with The Eclipse Trio.
44. Go to a play I haven't seen before.
45. Go to an opera I haven't seen before.
46. Go to an exhibition of paintings or photographs I haven't seen before.
47. Go see Les Miserables (Noooooo!).
48. Improve my chess skills.
49. Complete a cryptic crossword.
50. Do more.

[Update: I will be scoring through items on the list as I do them]


Anonymous said…
I did 4 once. Never again. I don't particularly dislike any of the films, even Episode I is passable, but all all 6 back to back is nightmarish. It's 13 and a half hours long in total and feels much worse.

If you want to enjoy the films - watch them over either 6 or 12 days. If you want to cross that of your bucket list, then do it and never again.
Will Cruttenden said…
I don't doubt that 'Anonymous' but I made a silly promise to myself when the new trilogy came out that I wouldn't watch the original films again until all the new ones were complete, and then see them all together. I'm not sure I can take that much clunky dialogue in one go but as an insurance test, if nothing else, it should be interesting. The Star Wars movies are not my favourites incidentally. I'm more a fan of slower, European stuff.

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