The Band With No Name (but not for long)

The band with no name (now not true – see previous posts) was in the studio again recently to finish off the first four songs. This will form an EP that we’ll expand later into an album.

Richard the guitarist added solos that inspired some lighter in the air moments and pulled tones from his guitar we had never heard before. Emma the vocalist sang some backing vocals that gave me goose bumps and I sang a few lines that made me hide behind a chair until I could accept I hadn’t ruined the song. Bobby, the drummer, was on holiday in Poland but he was there in spirit. We spent a large part of our time mixing the tracks and laboured over getting just the right sound throughout. The keyboard parts recorded on the previous session by Colin Henney really came to life and the final mix made us sound like a coherent band. We’re now just waiting for the tracks to be mastered and for some artwork to be completed. What we’re also doing is writing new material. Exciting times.


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