Modern Music Is Rubbish (not)

Oh no it’s not.

As Matt Stevens has already pointed out, this argument could have been used at almost any point in pop’s history. Yes, there is a load of tat in the charts, but there always has been.

Some of us, as regular readers will know, make music that has been put together with effort and love for the craft. Listen to the incredible diversity of music available to you and tell me it’s too formulaic. Even in my little music appreciation corner I’ve heard fabulous, electric violin playing in the modern classical tradition, alternative pop with brains and feeling, jazz with so much life it could resuscitate a corpse and the undefinable music of Centrozoon who surprise and delight with every release.

And that’s just what I’ve heard in the last ten days.

If you think modern music is rubbish you might want to check and see if you’re using expressions like “in my day”. Because, guess what? Your day is not over.


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