End of the year

Thanks to my pal,  Russ, wanting to demo a country song he had written earlier in the year I found myself reaching for my Touch Guitar. I have had this instrument for at least seven years but never got to grips with it. Since I needed a bass instrument with frets I used it on the song and it sounded great.

My new band, New Accelerator got going this year with me playing fretless bass.  But memories of this Touch Guitar session stuck and I decided to give it another go. The door opened and my wonderful instrument started to come to life.

Of all the musical highlights this year (a new and better oud, enjoying songwriting again, fabulous gigs and inspiration everywhere) the return of my Touch Guitar (which is the only instrument made for me and which I named after my daughter, Freya) has been the best of all.

Now, in 2015, I need to work at improving my technique and having more fun with it.

happy New Year.


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