Tenting Part 3

Why? Why do I hate camping so much?

The last time it was a combination of things:

  • Being in a tent
  • Being afraid that I would kill myself if I attempted to use the camping stove.
  • Not being able to sleep.
  • The overall uncomfortableness of it.
  • Having to stay alert to catch Jude when he decided to get up at random points in the night to (very sensibly) try and get out.
  • The aching feeling that, somewhere, there was an actual room with a bed in it that I was supposed to be in.
  • The anti-empathic feeling you get when everyone else is seriously into something and you’re not.
  • The noise of massed stupid people nearby.
  • The pounding rain and wind.
  • Having to get dressed to go to a toilet.
  • Just… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Everything!


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