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Last week New Accelerator rehearsed its set. We weren’t at our best but the songs all hold up even if a few bars of our only cover version meant Bobby the drummer and I playing the same sequence over and over again. The next step is to book gigs and see what other people make of us.

Meanwhile, the folk(ish) trio I play upright bass in has been booked to support a Canadian band, in a church, next week. Our pianist works long, grinding hours in London and so the three of us have only managed one rehearsal. I suspect there will be plenty of mistakes, but then we’re pretty good at working around these and keeping the songs together. Having no drummer means making sure one of us is keeping time and as the bassist that’s often me.

We, like New Accelerator, have opted to weed out the covers and stick with original tunes. It’s easier to play covers because most people get a sense of familiarity and will accept your performance early on. Playing original music is like walking into a pub and talking to someone you’ve never met about something they may not be interested in. On the other hand, playing original music and having people like it is way more satisfying than playing Mustang Sally. Way more.

On top of this I let the Spingere album, Rain, out into the world with no publicity. So far only one person has heard it, but they called it “beautiful” so I’m looking at 100% customer approval.


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