The Truth About Tenting

So, after all my whining I enjoyed the camping experience. Green Eggs and Ham.

We turned up to find the party in full swing which gave me a chance to put the tent up with the expert help of Richard Guitarist, whose house we were camped next to. The tent went up and, as this was the first time I’d seen it up, I was quite impressed. I sorted out bedding and then J came in and finessed everything (she turned the shoe holder into a small library).

Eventually I went to the party and met up with some familiar and quite a lot of unfamiliar faces. The place was swarming with children, the hog was roasted and there was plenty of cake and wine. The mood was great.

But of course there were distractions. My great pal Emma (singer in New Accelerator) was there and so was Richard’s new guitar/bass (a rather lovely Squire VI) so that helped as well.

Once we left the party the real camping began. Jude and I settled in and then were joined by J and Freya. A rather intense sibling battle broke out over glow sticks and then, eventually, we got our heads down. It rained, heavily, all night.

I woke up feeling surprising refreshed. The rain and wind and dawn chorus had woken me a few times but overall it had been fine. I quickly got dressed and read as many chapters of my book as possible before the others got up.

It wasn’t a real camping experience since we didn’t have to cook our own food. For me the perfect camping breakfast would be like this was; coffee and croissants in a nice, warm kitchen. But we did enjoy it and would do it again. Maybe there’s a lesson to learn here.


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