Mustang Sally? No thanks.

Regular readers of my blog will know that a few years ago my friend Rich and I gave up playing in covers bands to concentrate on making the music we wanted to hear/play/write.

It's been going well. We found a fabulous drummer and then an equally wonderful singer. We've written songs we're proud of that are both catchy and complex. We have put our hearts into this.

As this band plays original music, rather than covers this is making getting gigs quite hard. Even for support slots. One venue has, in its conditions... "Do you play songs that everyone likes? We have a party crowd that enjoy a mix of classic indie, rock, funk & soul covers from 70’s to current day to dance to. (We’re happy for bands play up to 4 songs of their own material)"

Do we play songs everyone likes? Maybe. But we won't know if we can't play at your venue. Sigh.

We could expand our list of covers, which would be easy given our history, but that would be missing the point. On the bright side we are booked back into the studio to record more of the songs you probably won't hear in certain venues.


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