Back to the Studio

This weekend I paid a return visit to Woodworm Studios with my friends and band mates. We've been working on some new songs for a while and foolishly thought we might get all five of them recorded in two days.
It didn't go too badly. We got all the drums, bass, main guitar parts and guide vocals done on day one. Although, by the time we were putting down the final song we were all so tired it affected our playing. The last song had undergone a major transformation in the last few days and simply wasn't ready.
Our trusty drummer went home to sort his car out and we remaining three stayed on for 
Indian food and a late night chat. I love my friends. We always seem to be able to pull out some new line of esoteric conversation when normal folk would be fast asleep or watching telly.
On day two we added obscene amounts of extra guitar and exactly the right amount of fabulous vocals. By the time that was done it was time to go home, a quick mix was made and we left, ready to return soon.
With one big exception I was pleased with my bass playing but I was disproportionately happy with the touch guitar part on one song. It's not the cleverest piece of playing but it worked well with the song.
The next trip to the studio will be all about guitar solos, possible vocal harmonies and mixing.


let's announce said…
video wedding invitations & indian food goes hand in hand .. a nice write up

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