Star Wars. Part Two

I spent yesterday watching all six Star Wars films. When I put this on my 50 at 50 list last year I had an anonymous post from a slightly grumpy sounding individual who told me not to do it as I would be wasting my time. They had a point.
Six films of any series in one day is ridiculous. How people sit through box set binges I don’t know.
On the bright side I had help from my young son who talked all the way through the first few films. Making dinner and getting children to bed meant my favourite films (episodes 4 and 5) had to be stopped and started a few times. By the time I got to episode 6 I had opened a beer and was desperate for some real culture. 

The only conclusions I can draw from this experience are that the grumpy person was right, that I’m not as big a Star Wars fan as I thought and that there is nothing wrong in your tastes maturing. After you’ve been a teenager for seven years it’s time to move on.


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