I play an instrument called the Warr Guitar, also known as a Touch Guitar. My pal Markus Reuter is one the best practitioners of this and plays his self-designed instrument, the U8, in a variety of ways. One or two aspects of his playing can be heard in the band Stick Men where he plays alongside master of the bass (and Chapman Stick) Tony Levin and the world's most inventive drummer, Pat Mastelotto.

The problem with being a Touch Guitarist is that there aren't a lot of players and there is a dearth of resources. I've had a moan about this before when I mentioned the publication of Trey Gunn's score book with transcriptions by Gabriel Riccio.

That book was a truly useful resource and learning tool and now, thanks to work from Gabriel and Markus, there's another one for some of the Stick Men repertoire. In the unlikely event that you're a touch guitarist, or even if you're just a musically curious fan of Stick Men, check out the pledge campaign that aims to get the book published. It should be extremely rewarding.


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