Last night my daughter got me talking about my attitude to sports at school. I boiled it down to the fact that I enjoyed playing cricket but in the last two years of secondary school we could only pay football or rugby. I was always picked last for teams and felt humiliated by this (it is a stupid system) so decided to fight back.
Firstly I just did annoying things like passing the ball to the opposing team, then I started avoiding all contact. Once this left me the only non-muddy person on the pitch. The teacher insisted I take a shower like everyone else. I went home.
In my last year at school I avoided every single sports lesson and spent my time either in the library or the music room. I should have done that a lot earlier.
When I left school I was awarded a middling grade for basketball.

Today my daughter won two prizes for her school sports day. My son, the slowest, yet most determined person in a race, kept going even though someone else had won and the adults were wandering across the track. He won an award for good sportsmanship.

I have a lot to learn form my children.

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