Trypod - Sid Smith's Podcasts from the Yellow Room

Every few days I’m posting about a podcast that I listen to and that I’d recommend you trying out.

I discovered Sid Smith through his liner notes. I emailed him with a question about his book, In the Court of King Crimson, and have been corresponding, reading his liner notes and magazine articles and of course listening to his podcasts ever since. The podcasts are like having a (slightly) older sibling playing you selections from their massive record collection and explaining, in the best possible way, why they’re worth your time. Aside from his affable nature and enthusiasm, Sid has the advantage of getting pre-release music since he is a well-respected writer of (you probably guessed this) liner notes, reviews and interviews.

I have two other reasons for enjoying Sid’s shows. Firstly, he admits when he doesn’t know something. His music knowledge must be vast but he’s happy to confess when he’s in the dark about something. Secondly, he is the most positive critic I’ve ever heard. Much like John Peel, he seems to assume that if he doesn’t like something that it’s his problem. This makes for a highly positive listen.

Sid Smith is a national treasure and I’ve had a blast on the occasions when we’ve bumped into each other at gigs. Even though I don’t like everything he plays (I still have problems with early King Crimson) I always find something to enjoy. The big downside to Sid’s show is that, some weeks, it costs me a fortune in new music.

To find Sid's podcast, follow this link:


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