Still here

It's been a while since I posted, and I haven't even finished going on about podcasts yet. Things have been busy here, with the end of the school year, holidays and all the machinations that go with trying to buy a house.

Meanwhile, the holiday period has slowed down band rehearsals for New Accelerator. We have new material to finish off when we're all back in the same room.

The guitar/oud project with my pal, Russel Kilmister, is in the final stages before our album gets released. One track might need re-recording but the artwork is all done (that's not it above) and the liner notes completed. At this rate I think it's safe to predict a release before Christmas.

My new Spingere album is also coming along slowly. I am learning new things on the touch guitar all the time and so the desire to replace parts and try new ideas is getting in the way of a swift finish. Oddly, the discussions I had with artist (and fab singer) Lisa Fletcher, about the cover artwork, has led me to tighten up the concept for the whole album. Not that it's a concept album. Not yet, anyway.

Expect more posts soon. And thanks for reading.


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