Why I won't use Chancellor's Estate Agents

Here's the text of a letter I've just sent. They told me they could easily sell my house and do so very quickly. After ten months of incompetence and lies this letter was long overdue.


By my reckoning our contract is now up. Could you please remove the house details from your website.

I thought we had an arrangement that you would not show anyone around  the house without letting me know first. I'm aware that someone was in the house today and I can find no record of being warned.

It's a real shame that I put so much trust in your company. I'm especially sad that I waited so long for the last 'buyer' and trusted in all the messages I got from ______ and others. Your man from head office, _________, promised to get on the case to chase him (the buyer) up and yet it was only through my own investigations that I found there had been no progress.

I wasted months, lost the chance to sell the house at the optimum time of year, lost the chance to buy my dream house, wasted days arranging a mortgage, disappointed my children and spent a small fortune on bills for the house and rent. And still, after all that, Chancellors break promises to me.

I do not wish to have any further communication with your company. Please take me off you email lists, get the house of your website and (as a company) sort out your ethics.


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