A short (non) review

Having written about a great, new jazz trio album, here's a very short post with a bit of a moan.

If you're a great jazz pianist with a history of making and contributing to an amazing array of albums over many decades, please think carefully about who you hire. I've just been listening to what would have been another cracking piano trio album were it not for an out-of-control percussionist.

Piano, bass and drums all get to do that subtle interplay thing. Grooves abound. Imaginative arrangements bring old tunes a new life but... oh no, here's the percussionist... TINKLE, TINKLE, pap, boing, clackerty tang. Everytime the trio get it going, the percussion essentially urinates all over the music.

And no, I'm not naming names. Just avoid any recordings by jazz greats with French place names  as the album title.


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