And back to Earth

Having thrilled at the music of John Coltrane, here's something else to get excited about.

I discovered Snarky Puppy through their Family Dinner albums but have been working through their other, instrumental, albums since. The track Lingus is one that the band is probably sick of playing, or at least sick of being asked to play. For me, because of the way I've discovered their work, it's a relatively recent discovery.

A catchy tune with stellar playing form the whole band, there is one stand-out star. Cory Henry, a prodigiously talented musician, takes a solo that builds, expands and astounds. Watch his fellow keyboard player react midway through it.

If you've never heard Snarky Puppy, or dismissed them as (gasp) smooth jazz (it's really not) then try this out. Fans of bass-face will also find something to enjoy.


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