It's not the cough that carried him off...

No excuses. I'm using the blog as a dumping ground tonight. I have had a persistent cough for three days and it has been robbing me of sleep. I know that many people have small children that rob them of sleep and that others have terrible illnesses that make my cough look like a splinter in a redwood tree - but I feel like poop and I have to share!

The good news is that, illness allowing, I get to rehearse with Soul Beaver again soon. We have a gig in Oxford on Christmas Eve which should be a lot of fun. The Beaver web site will be properly updated soon. It's not as easy to access or update as a blog. If you are a fan you may like to know we'll be offering a high quality t-shirt for the first time ever, in the new year.

Day work (teaching) is fun too although the cry I hear from all my colleagues is a wish for the Christmas break to come soon and a wish for more time to catch up on paperwork. I know nobody has sympathy for teachers because we get these long holidays, so this is probably a good place to sign off for the night.


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