Another new experience this morning. I had my stitches out. Oddly, I was more apprehensive about this than the operation. The doctor was very understanding though, keeping an eye on me throughout the procedure. The 'procedure' turned out to be nothing more frightening than having someone pick splinters from your face.

Teaching is now over for two weeks, although I have plenty of lesson planning and marking to catch up with. Can't complain about two weeks off though.

Last night the band had a positive rehearsal despite (or maybe because of) my not singing again (not wanting to aggravate the stitches). We played through some songs that had been languishing in the vaults for years, as well as the super cheesy Christmas songs. Super cheesy but sounding good now we all know what chords to play.

The Soul Beaver t-shirts have arrived too, and very fetching they are. Now, all I need to do is figure out how to stop identity cards becoming a reality.


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