Kent - Part 2

[Before you read this post I should warn you I'm really tired and as much as I want to upload this, I've done something odd with the HTML code. Try to make sense of what you see (each picture is supposed to have a caption) and I'll fix it when I've had some sleep.]

I've been on a break with J and my folks. We visited Kent and based ourselves in Tenterden, where my uncle used to live and which felt like a second home to all of us. Of course, this wasn't a solemn trip. We had some fun and I enjoyed gluing my head the extractor fan over the cooker.

The place we stayed at had a wide selection of reading material but this caught my attention as my dad, uncle and mum (as a Special) had been in the force. Sadly, the police officer described in this book doesn't really exist anymore.

I was tempted by my own current (re)reading though.

Despite the good advice of this postcard I did manage to hit my head, really hard, coming down the stairs.

These hatches were put in the house when the front room was used as a shopfront. The children were able to be passed through, on their way to bed, without interrupting business. One of the children is now is his nineties and I got to meet him. He had been on his computer all morning and was getting ready to take a cruise in the Mediterranean.

Tomorrow I'll post some exciting out-of-the-house pictures of trains, castles and yes... even scones.


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