TU in the House

Still no definate news on the Soul Beaver gig. It could be on May 6th at the Woodstock Arms in Oxford. Or it might not happen. I'll keep you posted.

My new piece of music has been played on the Stickworld Podcast (thanks Zak) and I'm hoping to have some news about this and other pieces written for and performed on Stick Bass. The more confident I get on this instrument the less effects I use when recording with it.

This week I've mostly been listening to two TU albums, 'TU' and 'Official Bootleg.' These are great if you like [tries to describe their sound but fails] music. Let's just agree amongst ourselves that they make/made wonderful, imaginative sounds and that you should make the effort to track them down and have a listen.

Watched 'House' for the first time tonight. I greatly enjoyed the mix of punchy dialogue, old fashioned 'grumpy professional with heart of gold does good in unconventional way while upsetting the suits' plotting and the sight (and sound) of Hugh Laurie being an American.


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