Sleeping through ER

Good day today. I drove over to my folks so I could go to the hygienist but she had to cancel. So I got to have breakfast with them without anyone fiddling with my teeth. Later, J and I checked out Prams in the Oxford Mothercare shop (they had a wall of prams! Or were they pushchairs?) then we walked across Port Meadow with my inlaws' dog. It's been a beautiful day and right now J is sleeping though ER (her favourite programme) while the baby kicks away inside her.

Yesterday I visited Richard Guitarist and we finished mixing Coffee-Housing. I need to listen to the tracks and make sure I'm happy with the order and then we can get it mastered. I'm very excited.


nmj said…
hey will, that is lovely that you and your partner are having a baby, i guess this is old news if the baby is kicking!

just to let you know you can now listen again to theodore

i emailed radio 3 about the error after you pointed it out, i am a geek, but it got results, they said it was 'kind to point it out'...but you should really get the praise as i thought it was a real player glitch.
Will said…
I'm going to share in your geekdom, if that's ok.

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