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Here' a interesting combination. The first batch of nappies finally arrived on the same day that we celebrated my dad's 80th birthday. Despite not wanting any fuss J an I arrived with an 'experimental' coffee and walnut cake, the balloons and some wine. Dad showed J around the garden and we all sat down for food and, by a strange process of connection, a discussion on the decimal system. A good time was had by all.

A few weeks ago Marks and Spencer delivered a kitchen cabinet. It was fine except for a cracked piece of wood inside the door of the cupboard. I called M&S and they apologized and promised a replacement part would be sent out in seven days.
Today, weeks later, I called again to be told there was no record of my call, and no parts could be sent out because, presumably, these things are made so far away that getting spare parts is impossible. They offered to send a 'technician' but didn't want to know the dimensions of the broken part. What would the technician do, we wondered, glue it back together? Make a new door? In the end we were offered £30 so I could fix it myself and get off their backs.
The person on the phone was polite but then, so was the one who lied to me last time. I made sure they were sending a cheque, not M&S vouchers then I sat down and wrote this so you know not to buy from M&S's furniture department.


fjl said…
What is this about nappies, have I missed out on a whole chapter :-)
Will said…
I understand you've been a bit a bit busy but yes, I'm about to be a dad. Five weeks away (in theory). Yikes!
fjl said…
Fab, you'll love it. x

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