Typos rock on.

Sorry for all the typos. I'm blogging in a rush and quality control has gone down.

The new car has an 'automatic' hand brake (parking brake). It's taking a little getting used to and every time I stop at traffic lights my left hand goes flailing around in the space where a hand brake does not exist.

The terrific series of 'Play it Again'(BBC2) reached Lord Winston learning to play the saxophone last night. Throughout the programme he was described as an extrovert but I've rarely seen someone give less away emotionally. With the possible exception of an ex-girlfriend. Anyway, the show was saved by this well respected doctor, surgeon, researcher, writer and broadcaster looking like a cross between Groucho Marx and British comedian Tommy Cannon.

And finally, two weeks off the day job and continuous work from J and myself mean that our house now looks much worse than it did before. I'll be calling the professionals in the morning.


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