9/11 8:30

It's six years on from 9/11 and it still feels surprisingly raw. I spent the day shopping for olive oil in Florence and watched the events unfold on television. The evening was surreal. A concert at Sting's house with everyone feeling a little numb. Music did a very good job of healing that night but, like I said, it's still quite raw.

This is all tempered by the thought of how many innocent civilians die around the world (and especially in Iraq) every day.

Today is also a somber day because we've lost Joe Zawinul. I had the Weather Report album 8:30 on vinyl and cassette (which I wore out) not long after it came out. It introduced me to the bass sound of Jaco Pastorius, to Peter Erskine's drumming and to the amazing sound of a fusion band at full tilt.


Richard Guitarist said…
When I saw Joe at Ronnie Scott's for his 70th Birthday bash he looked around the room and pointed to the photos of the Jazz greats saying "look at them all, soldiers of peace" It is strangely fitting that he should go today changing this date from a day of terrible rememberance to one of celebration of a life of such pure joyous genius
Art Durkee said…
Driving down to Chicago yesterday afternoon, I had time to stop in at Border's in Rockford, and I picked up 8:30, along with a couple of other CDs. So there I was, driving into Chicago, Weather Report blasting from my speakers. It was perfect. I ever turned a couple of heads at a stoplight. I hadn't heard this album in a long time, and it was full of life and light, still.

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