Centrozoon's adventures in the field near my house

Well, ok, maybe not tomorrow.

Last Saturday, after the rehearsal with Soul Beaver I got home and set up a makeshift studio in the nursery. My logic had been - use the nursery because all the soft surfaces will deaden the sound and I'll get a nice, clear recording of my voice. In my rush I forgot that there are no curtains up yet, so I sounded as if I was recording in the bathroom.

And why was I doing this? Because I was taking part in the first ever (as far as I'm aware) audio commentary for a CD. Centrozoon's 'Lovefield' is a beautiful album which I might describe as a soundtrack to a walk through a gallery of super photographs. Not very helpful? Well, Lee Fletcher (Devon based, injured sound wizard) described it as "Bibbiboo drops out of the cult to travel back in time to party with Sylvian and Sakamoto circa 1981, who then collectively project their photo-album onto a futuristic high-definition audio television." Of course, if you don't know Centrozoon's work you'd need some explaining of Bibbiboo; but I'd suggest you do your own research.

Anyway, the conversation went well, with each of us recording our voices so they could assembled into the finished commentary. Needless to say something went horribly wrong and two parts of my contribution were eaten by software nasties. Quite how this will be resolved is beyond me. Maybe a stunt double could read out something that fits with the responses I got from the others. Maybe I just need to spend more time checking everything is working.

Soon- tales of plaster.


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