A full on return to the dayjob today coincided with a thumping headache.

On Saturday though I went to Twickenham and watched the Police in concert. Mistake number one was expecting to find much vegetarian food in a rugby stadium. Mistake number two was expecting the gig to be anything other than wonderful. From the sight of Stewart Copeland banging a gong to his emotional claim that London was his town it was a blast of three great musicians being, as Annie Nightingale once put it, a band with three front-men.

The quality of the songwriting was as obvious as the musicianship. The mark of these songs was that they had been in my life for nearly thirty years and yet here they were sounding fresh and full of life.

So it's going to be an interesting week musically. I still have the Police tunes rushing around my head even though I spent last night relishing the sound of Quodia. As well as this I've been a constant visitor to Centrozoon's Lovefield album (which I'm going to be talking about on Saturday afternoon) but have to re-learn the Soul Beaver set list for Saturday morning.


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