Changing Rooms

We went to Oxford for last minute Christmas shopping today and had one of those 'only with a baby' moments. J and I picked Debenhams cafe as a place to refuel ourselves and Freya. I took the baby off to the baby changing room but couldn't find it. I asked a member of staff and they directed me to the disabled toilet, which was al very fine, except for the complete lack of baby changing facilities. I pointed this out.

Me: There's nowhere to change the baby.
Staff person: I could get a chair.
Me: Um, we'll find somewhere else thank you.

When I got back to J she pointed out the baby changing rooms (yes, there were two of them) were just around the corner. I felt a little silly for not spotting this but the staff person didn't seem fazed at all. For the record, Debenhams Oxford has excellent baby changing facilities (even if the noise pollution unit was set to 'Loud Christmas') but don't expect the staff to know where it is. Emma in the lingerie department was very helpful though.

Guests arrived in the early evening. Alison and David stopping off on a journey from Birmingham to Cornwall. Greta to see them both.

The main theme of the evening has been food poisoning with vomiting. Euch.


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