Ex-pagan festive stuff

Happy Christmas and a great New Year to you all. Not actually being a Christian has never stopped me from celebrating and enjoying a day which, in theory, allows us to be nice to each other. 2007 brought a lot of amazing changes to my life (a daughter, for example) but I suspect 2008 is going to be even better.

Peace and love (no matter how corny that sounds) to you all!


belewbloggfan said…
Hi there Dearest Will, J and baby Freya : )
Just wanted to wish you Merry Fesitvus, Happy Hollandaise, or whatever you call this time of year - or like me, basically a good excuse for a piss up and a turkey pig out!
Hope you have a great day, whatever you call it : )
Warmest wishes,
Wendy Belewhale


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