Not a lot has happened since my last post. I'm only writing now because I'm still up after an evening of marking essays and I wanted an excuse to post the curly pig picture. The curly pig is one of Freya's friends. We visit the pig, the pig grunts and Freya giggles. It makes me happy.

Musically things are both at a standstill and racing ahead. I've written lyrics for Richard Guitarist's new song, there's a Soul Beaver gig coming up and I have a lot of plans for various new pieces. Sadly, this is such a busy time in the world of the dayjob that nothing is getting recorded. That's also the reason there isn't much news generally.

Things to look forward to - new bathroom, gig, recording more original music, a musicking day with aforementioned Richard Guitarist.

Fans of the Beaver may wish to know that founding member and drummer, Richard Drummer, is turning thirty this coming Monday. Expect crazy tales of rock 'n' roll excess - or possibly not.


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