I do like to be

There's a new track to listen to over at the Spingere page. This is the basic track over which there will be a vocal and some tiny refinements. The new Spingere album is currently in the form of over two hours of demos. The process of taking an idea and realising it has become a lot faster than before, which helps when more than one idea comes along at once.

In a few weeks I should start the process of converting demos into finished recordings. This time there are going to be more vocals though, and I've accepted that there is nowhere in my house where I can record properly. So, if everything goes to plan I'll be spending part of the summer recording vocals and possibly some very loud Warr Guitar parts in a studio not too far away. Hopefully with guests.

This is a very busy time. Lots happening with Freya, dayjobs, J and my folks. Not to mention friends moving house and all the other music things going on. I like being busy but I can't wait to take a few days break with wife and child. Seaside? Bring it on.


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