Hole in the Wall

I've had this private joke for years about television programmes that become even more improbable. "Just when you thought television couldn't get any worse' I trill to myself. Not that I don't love telly. Bad shows have a certain charm and whenever I go to Italy I'm addicted to the live variety shows they excel in but which we no longer have in the UK.

So, today, while browsing the listings on teletext I spotted the following on BBC1.

Hole in the Wall

Dale Winton host this entertainment show in which celebrities try to force themselves though holes of differing shapes and sizes.

You can't make this stuff up. I had to watch, just in case someone at the teletext office was slipping a few jokes in on their last day. I wasn't disappointed. Two teams of C list celebs dressed in hard hats and silver spandex had to... well you can probably work it out for yourselves.
What happened? Did someone at the BBC just put it on for a bet? Sadly the wall was made of easily breakable plastic, not bricks - which would have been a lot funnier.

Maybe this means Celebrity Enema might be back for another series.

(While researching this I found the Hole in the Wall show originated in Japan. There a lovely YouTube clip here).


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